Submit your dating disaster stories here!

Now, I’m not talking about sob stories where someone did something ridiculous and out of the blue that broke your heart and left you confused and clueless after you were dating for months – although I have several of those I could add to the mix, too.  I’m thinking more along the lines of match, eharmony, J-date, the guy from the bar who got your number at 3am, and even good old-fashioned blind dates set up for you by your well-meaning friends or your mom’s hairstylist.  So go ahead and post last night’s latest, or dig back in your memories (even you, married girls!).

Use the form below, and I’ll select some stories to post.  **YOUR NAME AND EMAIL WILL NOT BE SHARED ON THE SITE – THIS SUBMISSION IS SENT DIRECTLY TO ME, AND THEN I WILL POST YOUR STORY ANONYMOUSLY**  Choose a “username” (i.e., blog-girl; NYCdater) so I can give you credit when I post!  Stories may be edited for continuity on the site, but otherwise the words will be yours.  So please remember, whatever you share will be viewed by others!  Proofread before sending and be sure that you feel your story is ready to be devoured by your adoring public!  Important things to consider before submitting:

  • Did I change names?
  • Did I change some details (i.e., place of residence, school attended, date site)
  • Does my story make sense (some of us, this dater included, enjoy our details…too many can be confusing!)


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