Dater’s Deets

Welcome to DaterBeware!  I am a 32 year-old single female living and working in New York City.  I am a runner by morning, a psychologist by day (you might think that would help in the dating world…nope, it doesn’t!), and a dater/reality TV-watcher by night.  The idea for this blog started years ago, before blogs were even around.  Since my college days, I have gone on my share of “bad dates.”  Whether it’s the date itself or the events that follow afterwards, it seems that somehow I’m always telling another story over wine with the girls.  Countless times I’ve heard, “You should write a book!”  And even more times than that, I’ve heard, “You should hear my story!”  So, since a book is a large aspiration, I decided to start with a blog.

My ideas for this blog go well beyond me!  Of course I will share my own dating stories, but I’d really like this to be a a compilation of lots of girls’ “bad first date” stories, or at least bad “initial dates”, even if it isn’t the very first one.  As sad/embarrassed/shocked/exhausted we all might feel after one of these experiences, laughing about it afterwards always seems to be the silver lining.  Check out my Dish-a-Date page to get an idea of what to share…and start sharing!  And then keep sharing!
I’ll also post Delightful Data, otherwise known as videos, articles, or any other media about the world of dating that seems relevant and interesting.  And please feel free to share these with us, as well – just click on the Delightful Data page to submit!

2 Responses to “Dater’s Deets”

  1. Liz Spell August 24, 2011 at 10:29 pm #

    You always were a great story teller! That’s what I missed most about you when you left. You would sit down on one of the couches and I would start chuckling as soon as you started talking! I know I will be a fan!

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