Should I Text Him? – A Comprehensive Flowchart

6 Jan

I know a few people who could use this app...

Happy Friday!  So, I deleted my last post due to some family-related feedback.  One piece of feedback was that the verbatim text log was too mean.  The other piece of feedback was that, since I really know nothing about the Texting Bandit, it is entirely possible that he could come across the blog post and stalk me down.  With that scary thought, and the desire to make 2012 a better year (which would require me being alive), I removed it.  

On a texting note of a different nature, I got this link from a friend this week.  I appreciate her willingness to add to the blog, even though she is happily married for several years.  She is not a “smug married”, a la Bridget Jones, but rather someone I like to think of as a “fun married” – goes out with me on her own, as well as with her hilarious husband.  In fact, just last week, the three of us shared a bowl of soup at a restaurant – and I’m not kidding (sadly).

So, check out this flowchart, Should I Text Him?, posted by user “beccaclason” on the website  Be sure to take a peak today – this one is just in time for the weekend!  Perhaps you should add it to your phone, connected to “his” name in your contact list, so that it pops up just about the time you’re about to send that fateful text.  Enjoy!


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