Yikes. He’s a Psycho.

13 Oct


Exciting moment for me!  This is the first story I’ve gotten from a dater out there who I don’t already know!  My other stories have come from my loyal friends, indulging me in my extracurricular endeavor of keeping this blog.  Imagine my excitement when I received this story from my new blog follower, “Kissing♥Connoisseur” (love the name, by the way).  What do you do when you meet someone who turns out to be a total psycho?  Read on and find out.  Excellent first non-friend share, Ms. K.C.! 

I dropped by at a party and didn’t know most people there who were busy talking to acquaintances, so I chilled out in the same spot next to a guy and his guy friend. By the time he understands I was alone, he introduced me to himself and friend. Then his friend had to leave so he started giving me his undivided attention. We were fantastic dance partners,he brought me cocktails in between, he touched me tenderly, it was getting very romantic and he looked cute—but something was very odd about him, he appeared very hyper, jerked around a lot and made gestures while he talked a 100 km/hr.

I agreed to go outside with him for some fresh air. To my pleasant surprise, he whisked me off to where his hot flashy BMW-sports-convertible was parked! He invited me inside his sophisticated car and now the personality disorder was unleashed..Seemingly, he had carefully perfected his pick up lines and plot..he told me that he liked my energy and honesty compared to many other chicks and he felt he could let me in, on his luxurious lifestyle. He started bragging about being the richest man at the party..his real estate business, multiple properties etc..blah blah blah

 Then without notice, he drove off with me…I was getting scared since I didn’t know the guy and I had left my car behind. So I used the guise that I needed to use the bathroom back at the party, but he became very overbearing, worked his sports engine and we landed in front of a crowded club. He told me that with him I was VIP and dragged me through a sea of teenagers.

 We reached the restrooms.I was very uncomfortable when he asked me to go in the male’s restroom. I refused and darted off to the ladies line. I finally had my turn, pee-d my heart out, then I frantically just started applying my make-up while thinking what a mess I’d gotten into. Then my heart raced as the guy appeared crazier by the minute. He was knocking on my door..What a control freak!..who stalks a woman while she’s in the ladies room! I opened the door and he barged in and while he was trying to lock us inside..I was freaking out and I ran off looking for the club exit..walked outside very confused. I waited for him to come out of the restroom.. He didn’t, so I did some window shopping wondering whether I should walk 3 km back to my car in the chilly autumn weather or give this guy a second chance.

 Finally, he came out looking for me 15 minutes later doing God-knows-what in the restroom. (later when I reflect on this night, I say he must have been getting his ‘fix’ of hard drugs in the men’s room when he disappeared). He told me he still wanted to party a little bit longer just me and him but i said I liked the first party’s atmosphere better..the club was too loud and the clientele was not my cup of tea. He started making a scene in front of everybody outside and it looked like we were a couple arguing! I was feeling sick with anxiety, not sure what the guy is capable of as he was getting a little rough, was pulling me forcefully towards him and saying I should go if I don’t trust him.

 Then to his attitude raised more red flags.The craziness hit a whole new level. In a split second I saw him ran off in the middle of the street hailing a cab and pulled out a stash of dollar bills from his pocket. He ordered the driver to take me back to the party’s address and used threatening words. The driver was confused, while i was embarrassed and tried to calm him down. Next thing, he pulled away his money from the driver’s hands, insulted him and without warning left me there and stopped the next cab tailing behind. He told the 2nd driver not to F up because they had no idea what a powerful man he was and shove some dollar bills in the driver’s hands who was as bewildered as the 1st.

 The cab driver must have been terrorized, since he almost refused to drop me off at the end of the block to my parked car when we pulled outside the party. Poor guy was so worried, he insisted that he had to follow my boyfriend’s instructions because he did’t want any trouble if something would happen to me..Well that was too funny that that guy could get to people!..LOL.

 Now it makes sense why there are a lot of hopeless single women when u have several eligible bachelors running around acting like douche-bags…

Was I glad when I opened my front door and took a good sniff of the comforting smell of my home and feeling safe away from the psycho I doubt if I’ll ever come across him again since we never exchanged numbers…

I must say, as a psychologist, the first thing I thought when I read that he was hyper and talked 100 miles per minute was, “He has ADHD.”  Cleary I am a moron, as I’m sure the rest of you thought “He’s on coke.”  But, Kissing♥Connoisseur, I probably would’ve fallen into the same trap you did!  Who doesn’t love a good dance partner?!  Good job getting out of there ASAP – just like crack is whack, coke is no joke, ladies!  (I fully enjoyed my D.A.R.E. education as a 5th grader).


One Response to “Yikes. He’s a Psycho.”

  1. Kasey October 13, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    First off, where did you find that creepy picture? I’m going to have nightmares about that guy!! Creeptastic is RIGHT.

    Secondly, your first non-friend post speaks in the metric system, so my guess is that your blog has gone international! What a celebrity blogger you are. Perez Hilton has nothing on you, DaterBeware!

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