The Mystery Men

28 Sep

Hey there!  This story comes to us from a good friend of mine.  Giving your number out to more than one guy in one night seems exciting at the time…but beware of the fall-out!  This story also illustrates why, in my opinion, texting is the devil that ruined dating for everyone in the 21st century.

Last fall, I was out at a club in Chicago and met a guy I liked who was from NYC, so I told my friends to let me stay there and I would find my own way home. NYC Guy took my number, and shortly thereafter the club was closing and there were no cabs or people I knew there.  We parted ways and  I ended up taking a cab home with two random guys (from here on out, Cab Guy #1 and Cab Guy #2) and a girl, since they were headed towards my apartment and I was desperate.  They convinced me to stop by their apartment to have a drink before heading to some other party.  By the time I got there though, I realized I just needed to go home. It had been a long night, and I didn’t take note of anyone’s name.  Cab Guy #1 took my phone number while waiting with me to catch my cab home.  Although I wasn’t that interested, I gave it to him to make the situation less awkward.
The next day, I got a text saying “Hey kid with twins on her mind, I hope you made it home safely! I was a little worried about you after that fall getting into the van cab. – Dan”  (I just looked this up by the way, amazing and dangerous how long a text record iPhones keep!) It was a 917 number, which I immediately recognized as a NYC area code.  Although I didn’t recall NYC Guy’s name being “Dan”, I also had no recollection of talking about twins or falling.  I assumed I was therefore in no position to question it, and was actually glad he used his name in the text so I knew for future interactions.    We texted back and forth a few times after that since I was traveling, and he seemed nice and we agreed to get together when I was back in town.  The following weekend, I got a text from Cab Guy #1, which completely confirmed for me that “Dan” was NYC Guy who I liked in the bar.  Since I wasn’t really interested in Cab Guy #1, I was polite but didn’t continue the conversation and stopped returning texts.
Fast forward two weeks, and Dan and I had agreed to meet up for a drink.  I decided to bring a friend and encouraged him to do so as well, since I wasn’t exactly sure I remembered what he looked like or how it would go.  When Dan and his friend walked in the door though, I immediately realized they were actually the two guy friends from the cab, Cab Guy #1 and Cab Guy #2!  I was totally confused, but it turns out “Dan” was actually Cab Guy #2, and somehow had gotten my number from his friend, Cab Guy #1! I never figured out how or why this happened – he didn’t explain the situation in any way.  So it was super awkward because 1) I had blown off Cab Guy #1, and now he was on this double date of sorts, and 2) I literally had no recollection of Cab Guy #2 who I had actually been texting with for weeks, and ended up having zero interest in him.  Needless to say, the only person I actually did have interest in – NYC Guy –  never showed up!  I was left with a really awkward situation – sitting at a table, on a double date with people I had not expected to see ever again.  I had no interest in either of these guys, but had to pretend that I knew what was happening all along!

2 Responses to “The Mystery Men”

  1. Kasey September 28, 2011 at 1:39 pm #

    Too funny – what an uncomfortable situation that must have been! I want to know how the “date” went – did she have to sit there through drink(s)? How awkward was the goodbye? Did it appear that Cab Guy 1 or Cab Guy 2 was interested in her? Did she hear from either of them after the date? So many questions!

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