Is What You WANT Really What You NEED?

30 Aug

I’m a Good Morning America girl (sorry Matt Lauer) and I often enjoy their non-newsy pieces.  I found this one browsing their site recently…kind of interesting!  “Dating coach and relationship expert” April Beyer shares her thoughts about 30-somethings dating.  I checked out April’s site, Dating Advice for Women, and she seems to sum up her philosophy in one sentence:  “Most people have a very good handle on what they want, and not a clue what they need.”  This may be true, and I very well may be one of those women.  However, I can’t say I personally identify with April’s statement about 30-something women having spent so much time on their careers in their 20’s that they forgot to think about relationships.  Although I know a lot of successful women, some of whom admit that they were solely focused on work and career-building in their 20’s, I was definitely interested in finding a relationship throughout five years of grad school and another year of fellowship!  But maybe April has a point…maybe I was looking for what I wanted and not for what I needed.  Am I still doing that?  Hmmm…

Check out the video, and let me know what you think of April’s comments!

Now check out the other part of this video (I know it says Part 1, but it doesn’t matter – they’re not really in order).  Pretty funny experiment with the guys!  My fave quote: “Some 35 year-old women look like they’re 24.”


One Response to “Is What You WANT Really What You NEED?”

  1. Meredith September 1, 2011 at 12:03 am #

    How could that one guy say that women in their 30’s have more “emotional baggage” than women in their 20’s? Isn’t that just relationship experience? Aren’t we all carrying around “emotional baggage” if we are going on dates and being in relationships? I don’t like that its seen as such a negative thing. I also like how the host totally called him out on also having more “baggage” in his 30’s…

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