The One Week Stand

29 Aug

Happy Monday!  I hope you all survived Hurricane Irene – my hopes that it would lead to the cancellation of work today did not come true.  This next story, posted by my faithful blog follower “SupposedFormerInfatuationJunkie”, reminds me a bit of the hurricane.  Sounds like this guy swept in full force, provided some fun and excitement, and left a bit of disaster in his wake.  Thanks for sharing, Infatuation Junkie! 

The summer before I turned 25, my four year relationship ended.  At the time I was devastated, in retrospect less so about the relationship itself than the fact that I was now single in my mid-twenties, a plight I perceived at the time as being the step right before spinster crazy cat lady.  A funny notion now, as I confidently approach my 30s sans husband!

Having been a serial monogamist and finding my best friend/roommate also gainfully single, I approached that summer with the goal of finding Mr. Right Now. Not the man of my dreams, not the person I would spend the rest of my life with.  Just someone (or someones!) to have some fun with.

For me – a girl who’d gone to Catholic school her entire life, who’d approached every relationship assuming he was The One, and who had barely lost her virginity – it was exhilarating.  A few weeks later, my friend began seeing a good looking guy who happened to have a very single doctor friend coming to town, and I was asked to double date with them.  It was a very fun date, with a lot of alcohol, and I came thisclose to sleeping with him…only holding out because we were on the couch in a studio apartment and “public sex” was just not happening.

Drunkenly, we’d all agreed to a double date the next night, this time ending at our (two bedroom) apartment by the beach.  Leading up to the night out, I had a long pep talk with my friend about whether or not I’d do the Deed and we’d decided “what the hell?!”  The Texan Doctor was leaving the next day to go home, so it was no strings attached.  Why not make the most of it, why couldn’t I have a one night stand?! So later, sufficiently inebriated to keep my courage up, I had some fun!  Both boys oh so classily sent us girls “thank you” flowers the next day (gag!).

Of course, as any Catholic knows, there is no such thing as guiltless pleasure.  Some bizarre storm whipped through Texas the next day (no doubt the manifestation of God’s wrath at my lack of self control), canceling every flight into the area for 36 hours.  For days and days, the Doctor was stranded.  At first, it was a series of bonus fun, but as it meant that the Doctor missed the start of his next rotation, it meant he’d ended up with an extra week off, so he decided to stay.  Quickly it became apparent to me that our compatibility was only between the sheets, but he either didn’t see it or just didn’t care, and he stayed at my apartment day after day. Clearly I should have told him to leave, but I felt bad and guilty and confused in this uncharted territory, so I let him stay as I paid the price for my loose ways.  He left several days later and my single summer quickly derailed as I fell into another wrong relationship with another guy.

The Doctor called the next summer when he again visited his friend (who thankfully my friend was no longer seeing) but we didn’t connect.  Clearly the Cosmos had made it apparent that “just one night” doesn’t exist!

– SupposedFormerInfatuationJunkie


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