In the Trenches

26 Aug

Okay, I’ll go first.  As promised, here is my first story.  Aptly, it is the story of my first blind date:

It was June of 2002.  It was hot, it was humid, and I was miserable.  I had just graduated from college that May, which left me in a depressed state about “the best four years of my life” being over.  I was back home with my parents, I didn’t have a job or even any job prospects, and I was broken-hearted.  I had broken up with my college boyfriend – a decision that years later clearly made sense, but that at the time seemed like the end of the world.  That’s where Ann came in. Ann was a pedicurist who my mom had met years earlier at her regular nail/hair salon.  When Ann left the salon, she took her vibrating foot bath on-the-go and offered in-home pedicure services.  Ann has a heart of gold, but let’s just say she’s somewhat absent-minded.  She would arrive late every time and would then give you a two hour long pedicure while telling you stories about her crazy family members.  She’d spill nail polish remover on the carpet and misplace her keys, and she’d always leave something behind – a nail file or bag of cotton balls you’d find under the couch the next time you vacuumed.   I had gotten her services on multiple occasions in the past, but this particular time was different.  Remember, I was in a post-college, post-boyfriend stage of misery.  This, as well as Ann’s famous coma-inducing leg massage, clearly put me in an altered state, which explains why I ended up agreeing to what would happen next. 

While soaking my feet in warm water, I was also discussing my non-existent plans for my life.  My mom then offered her input about my love life, saying that I need to “get out there and date people.”  Not only didn’t I have a clue about how to do that (have you ever heard of “dating” in college or high school??), I also had no desire to go out with another guy, either – I knew it would only make me more upset that my college relationship was over.  However, some small piece of me must’ve known there was some adventure and excitement to be had in this new phase of life.  It was that ignorant little piece of me that said “yes” when Ann offered to set me up with someone.  

Ann said that one of her other clients had a son around my age.  She described him as very kind and helpful – he always helped her carry her things to and from the car when she was arriving or leaving.  She also mentioned he was tall, which is pretty much my number one answer when someone asks me what my “type” is.  Ann gave him my number, and he called sometime later that week.  I don’t recall the details of the phone conversation, but I know that we agreed to meet.  It struck me as somewhat strange that he wanted our first date to be at a movie theater half-way in between our parents’ houses – wasn’t a “date” supposed to involve talking?  But, what did I really know – I was an amateur.  As we were about to hang up, he casually mentioned, “See you Tuesday – I’ll be the guy in the trench coat.”  I laughed and was somewhat relieved that he made a joke to break some of the awkward tension – but I noticed that he wasn’t laughing.  “Oh well,” I thought, “He just has a dry sense of humor.”

Tuesday arrived and I put on my best movie-going attire and drove out to meet him.  My mom gave me words of encouragement (“This is good for you!  It’s good to get out there!”), as well as judgment (“Where I come from, the guy picks the girl up for a date.”)  I arrived in the parking lot a little early and got a call from him.  He said that he was visiting a friend in the hospital and was running late – he’d be there in a half-hour.  This meant that we’d miss the showing of Spiderman (yes, the first one – Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, with the oh-so-romantic upside down kiss) we’d planned to see, and I’d have to wait in the parking lot for an extra half-hour.  But, okay, what could I do or say?  He was visiting a friend in the hospital, after all!  I listened to the radio, read an old magazine in the car, and waited.  Around the new time he was due to arrive, I walked up to the entrance of the movie theater and waited.  

Couples entered the theater, groups of friends walked by, but no solo men.  Just as I started to think we’d actually miss the next showing of Spiderman, a black Chevy Corvette, top down, pulled into the parking lot.  I saw the driver turn off the engine and unbuckle his seatbelt.  His hand then rested half-way in and out of the car door where the window was down.  He used his hand to hoist himself over the side of the door and out onto the pavement.  Why open the door when you can just jump over the side?  Crouched down a bit from the landing, I couldn’t yet see him.   “Please don’t be him, please don’t be him” I chanted over and over in my head.  But when he stood to his full height, I immediately knew.  He was tall, all right – all 6’10” of him.  And he was wearing a long, black trench coat.  As he walked towards me, he reached towards the nape of his neck.  When he pulled his hand back down, he had a hair tie around his wrist.  In slow motion, I saw him tilt his head back and shake out his long hair, which reached down the middle of his back.  He then put it back in what was his original ponytail and greeted me. 

The story ends in just the way you’d imagine.  He sauntered up to the ticket counter and said, “One for Spiderman, please” and then walked towards the snack counter, leaving me in line to buy my own ticket.  He then bought some candy without asking if there was anything I’d like, and we went into the theater.  We had quite a while before the movie began, and he told me about his upcoming annual trip to Rhode Island where his “gamer” friends meet to play whatever the equivalent of World of Warcraft was at the time.   Needless to say, that was our first and last date.  My first blind date was behind me, leaving me thrilled about the prospect of future dates to come.

Okay ladies…now it’s your turn!  Submit away!


2 Responses to “In the Trenches”

  1. Christia August 28, 2011 at 12:02 am #

    I really see nothing wrong with that date….. 😉 great one to kick off the blog with!

  2. Sharon September 1, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    At least your first blind date had height and hair…. mine had neither (which of course was NOT part of the description given by my trusted friend who made the introduction)!

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